Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Petty

We had our first appointment on Wednesday and everything went well. Our midwife tried to find the heartbeat using a hand held Doppler, but wasn't able to hear it. So she scheduled an ultrasound for today.

So we went in for the ultrasound today and they were able to find the heartbeat right away and it sounded great. So many of my fears were put to rest when we saw our baby and heard his/her strong heart. It was amazing.

Our baby is real. I am really growing a life. Our life has changed forever. I am going to be a mom. And I couldn't be more happy or excited.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mom Makes the Day

We went to Muskegon yesterday to try to be supportive and encouraging to Tony's family. His sister Nicole had outpatient surgery. She had numerous cavities and because of her CP had to be out for them to put in the fillings. And Tony's brother is moving to Tennessee so we helped him pack some stuff. The details of the move make it quite concerning, but there is hope this will be really good for him.

After a few hours at the hospital and helping Joe for a while, we went to my mom's. She made us a chicken and noodle dinner, with homemade noodles. The meal is one that she rarely makes, but for some reason I have been craving it lately.

When we arrived, she gave us a gift that she had bought for the baby, a pack of three onesies. She said that she will have a little gift for the baby every time we come over. Those onesies are the first gift we have received for the baby.

I can't even begin to describe how happy that made me. Mom is celebrating life with us. She is happy for us. She is supporting and encouraging us. She is excited to be a grandma, to be a part of her daughter's life as it transitions to motherhood.

And for that I am extremely grateful.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eight Weeks

Today I am eight weeks pregnant. According to what I have read, my baby is about the size of a grape and the heart would show up in an ultrasound.

We had our first appointment on Monday, it was a pre-natal interview that was exactly what it sounds like. We met with our nurse and she asked us tons of questions, we had a chance to ask some, and she sent us away with tons of literature to read and a lab slip for blood work.

Unfortunately, our first real appointment isn't for another two weeks. We should hear the heart beat then, and we will be meeting with our midwife for the first time since conception. I am very excited and anxious to hear the heart beat.

I have still been struggling with nausea and stomach aches. Fortunately, I still have not vomited. But now barely any food sounds good. Even foods I normally love, like a tomato sandwich, and pizza, sound disgusting.

I don't feel like eating, but I know I need to, and when I let myself get hungry, the stomach aches get really bad. Tony has been really great at keeping me feeling as best I can. He makes sure I am eating and has been making meals when I don't feel up to it.

Eight weeks down, 32 to go. I have been told that time goes by really quickly, and I believe it, but the past four weeks seems to have been a very long time. I am trying to enjoy every moment and not look forward too much to the next step, instead savor the moment I am in.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot and Cold

I have been extremely cold lately. Wednesday night we stood outside for a few hours while helping with the CSA pick up and were ready to find our way back to our warm apartment.

As we opened the door we were welcomed by a tropical atmosphere. We checked the thermostat and it read that the temperature was well over 80 degrees. Apparently our thermostat does not work so we have to turn the heater on and off to regulate the temperature.

I was warm for a few minutes, but then cold. With our apartment still very warm, I was freezing and wrapped up in two thick blankets. I did not have a fever or any other concerning symptoms.

Yesterday standing outside for hours again made me extremely chilled and again we came home to a very hot apartment. We took a brief nap and when I woke up I felt like crap. I was freezing and Tony was nearly sweating. I called my doctor to see if this was normal. I have never heard of being cold during pregnancy.

I have also been on the phone trying to resolve the heat issue. The woman I keep talking to isn't listening to me so she thought that we said the heat wasn't working. She also said that our thermostat controls the heat in two other apartments and the person in 2 complained she had no heat, so we need to turn the heat back on. They won't say when someone is supposed to fix the issue. I'm trying to not let this bug me, but it does.

The good news is that we don't pay the heating bill, but we still want to be responsible with heat and be able to live in an apartment that has a livable level of warmth.

As far as my crazy coldness, the nurse I talked to said that it is probably related to my thyroid and not to worry. They will test it Monday when they do the other pre-natal blood tests. She said it is common for women to have thyroid issues when they are pregnant, and since I already am on thyroid medication it is very likely that is what is going on.

That was a big relief. I'm still concerned that the levels could have a negative effect on the pregnancy, but after talking with her it sounded like there is no need to worry.

So, hopefully soon all of our heating issues will be fixed and I will not be experiencing these extremes as often.