Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eight Weeks

Today I am eight weeks pregnant. According to what I have read, my baby is about the size of a grape and the heart would show up in an ultrasound.

We had our first appointment on Monday, it was a pre-natal interview that was exactly what it sounds like. We met with our nurse and she asked us tons of questions, we had a chance to ask some, and she sent us away with tons of literature to read and a lab slip for blood work.

Unfortunately, our first real appointment isn't for another two weeks. We should hear the heart beat then, and we will be meeting with our midwife for the first time since conception. I am very excited and anxious to hear the heart beat.

I have still been struggling with nausea and stomach aches. Fortunately, I still have not vomited. But now barely any food sounds good. Even foods I normally love, like a tomato sandwich, and pizza, sound disgusting.

I don't feel like eating, but I know I need to, and when I let myself get hungry, the stomach aches get really bad. Tony has been really great at keeping me feeling as best I can. He makes sure I am eating and has been making meals when I don't feel up to it.

Eight weeks down, 32 to go. I have been told that time goes by really quickly, and I believe it, but the past four weeks seems to have been a very long time. I am trying to enjoy every moment and not look forward too much to the next step, instead savor the moment I am in.

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