Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot and Cold

I have been extremely cold lately. Wednesday night we stood outside for a few hours while helping with the CSA pick up and were ready to find our way back to our warm apartment.

As we opened the door we were welcomed by a tropical atmosphere. We checked the thermostat and it read that the temperature was well over 80 degrees. Apparently our thermostat does not work so we have to turn the heater on and off to regulate the temperature.

I was warm for a few minutes, but then cold. With our apartment still very warm, I was freezing and wrapped up in two thick blankets. I did not have a fever or any other concerning symptoms.

Yesterday standing outside for hours again made me extremely chilled and again we came home to a very hot apartment. We took a brief nap and when I woke up I felt like crap. I was freezing and Tony was nearly sweating. I called my doctor to see if this was normal. I have never heard of being cold during pregnancy.

I have also been on the phone trying to resolve the heat issue. The woman I keep talking to isn't listening to me so she thought that we said the heat wasn't working. She also said that our thermostat controls the heat in two other apartments and the person in 2 complained she had no heat, so we need to turn the heat back on. They won't say when someone is supposed to fix the issue. I'm trying to not let this bug me, but it does.

The good news is that we don't pay the heating bill, but we still want to be responsible with heat and be able to live in an apartment that has a livable level of warmth.

As far as my crazy coldness, the nurse I talked to said that it is probably related to my thyroid and not to worry. They will test it Monday when they do the other pre-natal blood tests. She said it is common for women to have thyroid issues when they are pregnant, and since I already am on thyroid medication it is very likely that is what is going on.

That was a big relief. I'm still concerned that the levels could have a negative effect on the pregnancy, but after talking with her it sounded like there is no need to worry.

So, hopefully soon all of our heating issues will be fixed and I will not be experiencing these extremes as often.

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  1. We received an extremely thoughtful package in the mail today...(I think? I wasn't there when it was opened, but I connected the dots)

    thanks - all the kids were very happy.


    I hope your apartment woes have been resolved.