Monday, November 17, 2008

Scary Moment

Today Tony had an appointment scheduled to have a punch biopsy done on one of his moles. When we were at his doctor last, he noticed a very small black mole and wanted to biopsy it so we set up an appointment for today.

Tony was laying on his stomach, the doctor had the area numbed, and was just starting to show the med student how to remove the mole.

I was standing by his head, watching, and trying to be supportive. As I stood there, I got light headed and the lights started getting brighter, but objects were getting really dark. I thought "hmm. I feel like I might pass out. I wonder if I'm going to--"

Then I am on the ground and Tony is yelling my name, unable to move because his back is bleeding. Fortunately, I didn't hit my head on anything.

Apparently I had leaned forward over Tony and everyone thought I was trying to get a better look, then all of a sudden I was falling down. I was slightly embarrassed and very scared.

The doctor didn't seem to be concerned. He made sure I drank some water and took some time to calm down.

When I got home I called my midwife's office and talked to the nurse. She didn't seem to be too worried, but had the midwife on duty give me a call. At my next appointment they will probably check my blood sugar and blood pressure, but she said it is fairly common in pregnancy and to make sure I drink plenty of water and take it easy.

Hopefully this does not happen again.

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