Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slowly But Surely

A few weeks ago we picked up a crib mattress from Daniel as well as a crib sheet. (Thank you so much.)

That same day we stopped at my mom's and picked up the crib that she used with Bethany. I was a bit reluctant thinking it might not be up to codes, but it is, and we were able to give it a good wipe down, and it actually looks nice.

So I was very excited to get home and put it all together. But we quickly realized it was missing some hardware. Not too surprising since it has been ten years and a couple of moves since the crib was used.

We weren't sure if it would make financial sense to buy the parts instead of a new crib, but Tony found a company online that sells parts for cribs. We called today and placed the order for the springs that attach the mattress base to the crib itself, as well as nuts and bolts, for less than forty bucks. They should arrive in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

I am soo excited to finally be putting together the crib. I know we have a long time but having a crib assembled will really make it seem real. So I'm hoping the parts are the right ones and everything works.

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