Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Weeks

Today marks the 25 week milestone. Only 15 weeks left. I can not believe how quickly everything is going.

Also, this morning Tony was able to feel Levi kick for the first time. It was great. I have been feeling him move a lot lately, but anytime Tony tries to feel it Levi stops moving. Already a defiant little guy. :)

I have been feeling great and working 40+ hours at my new job. On my days off I am exhausted and tend to sleep most of the day.

We have our crib and changing table set up, collecting clothes and other items for Levi. We have registered at Target and a shower is in the plans that my mom is throwing. We have our deposit in for a Lamaze class that I am very excited about.

With the possible move to Buffalo, I have been trying not to think about all of the many details and plans that would need to be worked out to make everything go smoothly. We would need to find a new hospital, midwife/dr, Lamaze class, pediatrician... not to mention all of the details of moving to a different state.

I keep reminding myself that it will be much easier to move while I am pregnant than it would be with a young infant.

In 15 weeks our life will have changed forever. In many ways. Trying to enjoy this moment, day by day, and not think about what is next. That is really hard for me.

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  1. Thinking of all three of you this weekend - hope you're feeling great..less than fifteen weeks now!