Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet-ness 7 Cafe

We found it. It took a while, but we found it. We found our coffee house. It is perfect. About half of a mile from our house, in a rough neighborhood, is the best coffee shop.

The building was purchased about a year ago by a grieving mother that lost her son in a car accident. She found this run down building and saw the potential it had, despite it's questionable location. Taking a risk, she purchased the building and started renovating, using materials from other buildings that were rundown and, with the assistance of many friends and neighbors, created a beautiful place to hang out.

This morning we ordered our drinks and sat at the counter, hoping to strike up some conversation. The owner was working the grill, efficiently putting orders together while sharing with us a bit of the building's history. I did a google search and found some very interesting details to fill in more of the story that she shared.

On our way back from the coffee shop, I felt my heart connecting with this new city. I can see us here, creating a home here. There was something deeply rewarding about finding this coffee shop. Maybe it was the sun and the fresh air combined with the great opportunities of meeting and connecting with new people this week and that made this great find even more exciting.


  1. Awesome! I love that you have your own little hang out spot. Sounds like Buffalo is starting to fill out with a few of those things that make home. :)