Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Four Weeks

Four weeks ago we were welcoming our son into the world. Since that day, we have had very few dull moments.

Levi has had a few baths and loves them. The warm water is soothing on his belly when is really fussy.

Levi's umbilical cord fell off, and he has the cutest little belly button.

Little more than two weeks ago, Levi started having fussy spells. It started with a four hour crying session. At this point they think he is just gassy/colicky. Yesterday he had a dr appointment to make sure there wasn't something more going on. The doctor ordered X-rays to rule out a condition that would require surgery. Fortunately the picture was good.

Levi now weighs 10 pounds. He has started cooing and is very alert when he is awake.

All of our parents have now made the trip to come meet their first grand baby. Each visit was unique and we are glad that they were able to come.

We have taken Levi on several walks and a few fun outings. He loves riding in the car and going for walks, either in his stroller or snuggled in the moby.

Tony continues to be an amazing father and husband. While having a baby is certainly stressful, we continue to work well together and are learning how to navigate life with a baby. I am reminded often how great our life is and am more in love with Tony each day.

I am looking forward to all of the upcoming firsts and trying to savor every moment.

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