Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Pictures of Levi

Levi's first bottle. It is so nice to be able to pump and have Tony feed him.

Moments before Levi let us know he was done with the photo shoot.

I laid Levi down for a minute to get dressed, and returned to find him like this. I think he might be a bed hog like his mom.

I love watching him sleep.

Sleepy boy so happy to see his dad after a long day at work.

The whole group at Niagara Falls.
(Laurie, Grandma Lori, Tara, Tony, Levi, Aunt Bethany, Julie)

The Petty family at the falls.


  1. Levi is so precious! I love the pictures. . . keep them coming. The one of him all sprawled out made me laugh. Glad to hear things are going well. TJ loved when he could finally feed jaely, and i loved it too. They deserve to have that kind of bond too!

  2. I agree with the Dads feeding them a bottle. Unfortunately I waited too long and now Andrew will not take a bottle. But....we just had success with these special bottles that look like boobs. Pretty funny but if he takes it I'm happy.

    Love the pictures...keep them coming.

  3. bottles that look like boobs? i would love to hear more. hope the success continues.