Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Levi

I have thought about updating this quite frequently, but each time I attempt to I get distracted or fail to come up with what I want to say.

Tonight I want to try to get a few thoughts down. I am holding my precious Levi as he sleeps, which is occasionally interrupted with a smile and a giggle.

He has been sleeping in his crib since Saturday night. And he does great. He has slept through the night three times now, which I find to be amazing. We started sleeping him on his stomach*, which I think helps him sleep better. If only he would go to bed before midnight.

He has been smiling lately. A lot. And cooing and making lots of sweet noises. And I can now relate to the challenge of capturing these moments on camera. Just tonight Levi was smiling and mimicking everything I was doing, for a good few minutes. I had Tony pull out the camera and just like that he stopped. I guess that will be another moment that is ours alone to treasure.

He still has gassy fussy spells, but they are less frequent then they were. For the most part he is a happy baby that is very easy to love.

He is also a big boy. He weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces two weeks ago. He is already outgrowing some of his 0-3 month onesies. I went through the clothes we had packed away and pulled out some of the bigger stuff.

Little things, like taking the head support pillow out of the car seat because he no longer needs it, makes me realize how quickly time disappears.

He is an amazing gift. I am so lucky to get to spend my days taking care of him. It is such an awesome responsibility and I hope to protect and nurture him so that he never questions how much he is loved.

I am fully aware that it is recommended to sleep babies on their backs. For us, this works, but it is not a decision we made lightly.


  1. You lucky lady! I'm assuming you are sleeping more these days as a result of Levi's sleeping through the night. Yippee!
    My only comment about the tummy sleeping and then I'll shut-up: do you have a fan in Levi's room?

  2. No, we don't have a fan in there. But, we do leave his door open and usually have a fan on in the living room which keeps the air moving.

    Also, the mattress is not old and is in good shape.

    Thank you for your concern! :)

  3. You're such a great Mama, Tara. :) I can't wait to hold him myself!

    As for the tummy thing..any day now he'll be rolling every which way and when my girls got to that stage BOTH of them insisted on being tummy sleepers. Didn't matter how I laid them down, a few minutes later they'd flip to find the perfect cozy spot. Resistance is futile. ;)