Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Road Trip and a Party

Getting ready to go. Thanks to Great Grandma Clements for the "I love to travel" onesie. Perfect time to wear it.

Sleeping. This is what he did for most of the car ride both ways.

Waiting on the bridge to get through customs. Took us nearly an hour to get into the U.S.A.

Back to Michigan. Only one more hour to go, that is if I get on the right highway. Woops.

The following are pictures of Some of our family. Try to keep track. :)

Aunt Nicole is very happy so see her nephew.

Grandma Sandy (tony's mom) and Grandpa Rick (tony's step dad) along with Aunt Nicole. They drove over from Muskegon to go out to dinner with us.

Levi was really happy to be out of his car seat and enjoyed our hotel room.

Grandpa Rick (tony's dad) loves his first grandson. And Levi is wondering what that is on his head.

Grandma Ellen (tara's stepmom) enjoys holding Levi.

Grandma Tina (tony's stepmom) and Great Aunt Nancy are working hard to get up decorations. Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

Grandpa Gene (tara's dad) quickly steals Levi away... and gets to feed him

The obligatory shower cake. Thank you guys. It was Yummy!

Great aunt Nancy stealing some time with Levi. She is wonderful with him.

Cousin Debbie- she was very excited to meet Levi.

Great Great Aunt (right?) Betty keeping Levi nice and warm.

Cousin? Jeremy Last time we saw her she was pregnant with her now 4 year old son.

Levi is happy to be in daddy's arms.

Everyone that came was very generous and I had a fun time opening Levi's gifts.

Tony, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Tina, and Great Grandpa Alex (Tina's dad) holding Levi

Grandpa Rick, Grandma Tina, Great Grandma Judy (Tina's mom), and Great Grandpa Alex holding Levi.
Pastor Tom and his daughter Erin. She was thrilled to get to hold Levi. It was really nice meeting the Cooper family. Erin's mom Diane was Super helpful and they all are really kind people. Stop by sometime if you're ever in Buffalo!
(funny coincidence- they know my uncle craig and aunt pam)

Levi cuddling with Grandpa Gene.

Great Grandma Clements (Gene's mom)
I think she's telling Levi secrets.

Great Grandpa Clements (Gene's dad)

Four generations. Always gotta get that shot.

A bit awkward, but hey, at least we got a picture of all of us. :)
Grandpa Gene, Great Grandma and Grandpa Clements, Grandma Ellen. Levi is getting tired of all these pictures.

On the way home. Again, a very sleepy Levi.

Back to New York. Getting into NY was a lot quicker than getting into MI.

Levi is overjoyed to be home. Thank you Aunt Nancy for the wonderful seat. He loves it already.

We had a wonderful time getting to see some of our family again. For those of you keeping track, that wasn't even all of our parents, siblings, or grandparents. Levi has a very large family that is glad he is here.

Thanks again to everyone that came to Durand and for all of the hard work and sacrafice that was put into making the shower happen. We are very grateful.

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