Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip To Michigan

Last Friday Levi and I picked Tony up from work a few hours early and we began our trip back home. The trip was a whirlwind of activity- one week felt like a very long, busy day.

Levi met many new faces and enjoyed seeing familiar ones again. Levi traveled well, staying happy for most of the trip. While in Michigan, Levi went to almost anyone and enjoyed all of the attention.

Tony and I were able to have a few hours to ourselves but there was very little down time. There were so many people that wanted to see Levi, and even more we wanted to spend time with. Each day was packed as full as possible, leaving us more exhausted than relaxed.

The trip offered many firsts for Levi- including first time in Muskegon, first time at Lake Michigan, it was a first time meeting most of the people he met, he crawled an entire flight of stairs for the first time, had his first peas, first Thanksgiving, and many more.

While the trip wasn't a luxurious vacation, we had a good time. Seeing familiar faces and spending time laughing with good friends made the trip quite memorable.

And now, we're home. Levi is thrilled to be in his comfortable surroundings where he can try all of his new tricks he learned while we were away.

I am happy to be home. Excited to shift my focus to Christmas and celebrating the season with my family. To create meaningful traditions with my loved ones and savor the many firsts that Levi will be experiencing.

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