Saturday, December 12, 2009

Levi is Seven Months

I have failed lately at blogging about Levi. He is growing and changing so fast that I can't keep up. Below are some pictures taken throughout the last week, capturing some of Levi's recent tricks.

A while ago I bought this rocking chair off craigslist. It was five bucks and I originally intended to paint it to cherish forever. Once I realized it had a crack in the leg (it doesn't jeopardize the structure) I decided to skip painting it and just let Levi enjoy it.

He would rather climb it than use it as a seat.

I can almost hear his laughing squeals when I see this. I believe Tony is getting him with the giraffe. I love how much fun they have together.

Baby Eminem.

The cutest, happiest, sweetest baby boy you will ever meet. (I know I am biased, but seriously. Have you met this kid?)

Levi loves to stand up and look out the window. He will crawl to and climb anything he can. When he sees something specific he wants, his whole face lights up and he crawls quickly to get to it.

Sorta like that face.

Levi has been working on standing up. He can pull himself up to standing and will cruise along objects. Sometimes he will go back and forth between furniture. In these next pictures he lets go while standing and I quickly captured it. He did end up falling down to sitting, but he was able to stand unassisted for a few seconds.

I'm thinking he will have the whole walking thing down much sooner than we'll be ready for.

I love his faces.

Only thing better than standing up to look out the window by yourself? Looking out the window in daddy's arms.


  1. It is unbelievable how cute that kid is. And I know a bit about cute little boys!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures. . . they are beautiful. Levi seems so joyful and happy and i can tell he is brining the two of you so much joy and happiness.