Friday, February 19, 2010

Nine Months

Levi turned nine months old a few days ago... so I thought I would update this blog with a list of new things he can do now that he is a big boy... :-)

- He is walking. He can stand on his own and walks short distances. Yesterday, he walked a few steps, stopped, turned, and walked a few more steps to the couch.

- He says, "Momma" and, "Dada". Usually they are combined with a bunch of other gibberish and babble, but we love it none the less.

- He can count. Ok, just kidding on that one. He's working on it though. :-P

- He eats more foods then I can remember. There was a time when I could list all the things he had ever eaten - that time is now gone. He loves apples and bananas, most vegetables, most other fruits as well, and he's even started to eat cereals, oat meal, rice, pasta, etc, etc...

- He doesn't have a pacifier any more. A week or so ago we decided it was time and we threw all three of them away. (We kept his original one though, for memories sake.) The first night was a little difficult - but not too bad. And now we are in a routine. It's getting easier every day.

- Unfortunately, he still wakes up often during the night - and ends up sleeping with us every single night. We are working on it - and hopefully this weekend we will make some progress on this.

- He STILL has no teeth! We are guessing that he will get several in a single month pretty soon - but who knows.... so far, none though.

Well, that is enough updates for now. Check out the latest pictures and videos from the links on the right - there is one of him taking a few steps - one where he decided to hide his pacifier on us, and some great pictures on picasa of a trip we took to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. Check em out.

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  1. wow he is doing really good with walking! Caleb is just now getting brave enough to let go of furniture on his own, but he will walk when we just stand him up in the middle of the room! Congrats!!