Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tonight we begin a new routine. We are hoping to change up the current sleep pattern. We have three goals that we ultimately want to accomplish:

1) Levi sleeps the entire night in his crib.
2) Night wean.
3) Levi falls asleep on his own- not needing to rock to sleep.

We have a plan. A flexible plan. We have been debating doing this for a while now, and each weekend that came brought with it reasons why it wouldn't work to implement the changes. This weekend Tony has Friday and Monday off, giving us (hopefully) ample time to make progress on our plan.

I am going to miss cuddling with Levi in bed, but I'm hoping he will get better rest and enjoy his own space to sleep. I am going to miss the middle of the night feedings (even if only a little), but I am hoping he will eat better during the day and continue to grow.

I expect these next few nights to be rough, but I am hoping it will all be worth it. I know it will be hard on us to hear him cry in protest of some changes, but we will be right there comforting him and I am hoping that in the end this is what is best for Levi.

I thought I had all the answers before Levi was born- we will never do this and we will only do that. If only I had as much confidence now.

Here's to hoping for the best.


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